All About the Guide


Welcome to the fork of FFXIV Pocket Guide, an ongoing project created by Josh Beveridge to support the FFXIV community by enabling a space where guide content can be consumed in a mobile-friendly, ad-free environment.

The guide is supported by volunteers and players just like yourself:


  • 📌 2022/MAI/15:
    Please note that most generall informations are from the original project and not from my personal fork of it.
  • 📌 2021/AUG/02:
    You can now access the guide by simply using!
  • 📌 2021/AUG/02:
    We're planning to open up a Discord channel for the guide. Check back for more updates!
  • 2021/AUG/02:
    We're now piloting a new content management solution using Netlify CMS. Want to contribute? Get in touch!


📌 Akurosias Pocket Guide

Compared to the original approach, my custom site goes in a slightly different direction. It stores more data about each fight than the original side + has extra content like classes, blue quests and extra links.

📌 Pocket Guide Beta

We want to rework and modernize the Pocket Guide. A new, bolder look and feel, better organization and mobile support, and closer integration with our content management solution. We want your feedback! Check out the Github issue for what's coming next!